Using the In-Person Signing Workflow

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Even if you are meeting in person you can sign documents electronically with MyeSign.  When setting up for an in-person signing workflow:

Start the signing process as outlined in the article Sending a Document for Signature.  When entering signing participants on the "Who is Signing" screen, be sure to click "In Person Sign" to indicate that the person is signing in person. 

Note:  The "In Person" signer does not have to be present right away. You can set up the document for signing and choose to sign the document later, further on in the process. 

After setting up and assigning the document fields, press continue to complete the personalized message and then continue again to enter the "signing" workflow.  

You will receive a dialogue box asking if the first in-person signer is ready to sign.  If you choose "later," you can come back to the document and click "Sign In Person" next to the document on the dashboard.  

After clicking "Now" another dialogue will open instructing you to pass the device to the first in-person signer.  
The in-person signer will then receive a guided walkthrough on completing the document.  

The in-person signer must agree to the electronic records and signature disclosure and then complete the required identifying fields (first and last name and email).  You can choose to have them also complete the "In-Person Signing Validation" which will ask them for a form of identification.  Once complete, click "Accept & Sign."

Once the document is complete, the in-person signer will click "done" and pass the controller back to the document initiator, or to the next in-person signer in the process.  If the next signer in the process is signing using the traditional electronic signing method, they will receive an email letting them know it is their turn to sign.  

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